Chemical-Free Carpet Cleaning For Healthier Home And Community

Carpet Cleaning Campbelltown

Carpets serve so many purposes, but you cannot ignore the mess on them. And when it comes to cleaning, we use a lot of chemical products and bleach. But do you know that these chemicals contain toxins that is not good for you and the environment? So, there are many reasons behind choosing a carpet cleaning Campbelltown, including minimizes the harmful impact on the environment. But, first, let brief about the damage from chemical treatment.

Chemicals Used In Carpet Cleaning Products And Its Impact:

Perchloroethylene: cause nausea, dizziness and fatigue, and has also been thought to cause kidney and liver damage.

Butyloxy Ethanol: can enter by breathing or direct contact and causes nerve, liver and kidney damage.

Naphthalene: helps in dissolving dirt, and exposure to Naphthalene cause confusion, nausea, vomiting.

Chlorine: bleach can irritate skin, eyes, nose and throat; the warning sign is never to mix chlorine bleach with other cleaning products.

Why Using Chemicals On The Carpet Is Not A Good Idea?

It is always the priority that using a chemical product will clean it thoroughly. But this is not a good idea, and you should avoid using bleach and chemical containing products. In addition, many carpet cleaning companies also recommend not to apply these to the carpet.

These chemical products have the property that helps loosen stains and ground-in dirt but are toxic when inhaled internally. One of the issues with some chemical solutions is that they will settle deep on the fibre and damage the backing or padding. In addition, chemicals in bleach remain active for a long and can be hazardous for kids playing on them. In some cases, chemical burns can result from contact with the chemical-treated carpet. Furthermore, bleach spots are costly to dye and or repair.

Benefits Of Choosing A Chemical-Free Or Less Chemical Carpet Cleaning:

For Healthy You

Cleaning a carpet with chemical-free alternatives reduce the chance of exposure to harmful chemicals and leads to healthier you.

For Safer Environment

No doubt that cleaning products are toxic and do damage to the environment. But using chemical-free cleaning alternatives provide a safer environment for all.

Effectively Eliminates Bacteria:

Non-toxic carpet cleaning products are equally able to eliminate bacteria, allergens and give you a cleaner and safer carpet.

Alternatives Of Using Chemical Carpet Cleaning Solutions:

If your goal is to clean the carpet, then there are plenty of effective cleaning solutions availabe. Alternatively, hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Campbelltown provider that uses carpet safe cleaning products. While searching “carpet cleaning near me,” you should also look for a company that employs fewer chemicals or provide chemical-free treatment.


For many situations, cleaning is complex, and you have to use chemicals to get rid of stubborn stains. But instead of using chemicals, call a professional carpet cleaning Campbelltown service that provides chemical-free treatment to your carpet.